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Coworking Business Lounge Opens in Downtown Winnipeg

August 6, 2014 7:22 AM | News

Regus Coworking Space

A Regus business lounge coworking space (HANDOUT)

A coworking space in Winnipeg’s downtown has opened to freelancers, small business owners and working professionals.

Regus is on a nationwide opening spree of its business lounges in 62 centres across Canada.

The global workplace provider has opened its local space at 201 Portage Avenue to test-drive working from a shared work environment.

The shared work environment attracts at-home professionals who end up working in isolation and face many home distractions throughout the day.

In celebration of International Coworking Day on August 9, Regus is inviting professionals to the workspace until Friday, August 8.

“During the summer months, distraction when working from home can be higher than any other time throughout the year with the kids being home from school,” said Wes Lenci, VP of Regus Canada. “We’re inviting local stay-at-home professionals into our centres to try working from a shared office space, and have a little getaway from your distractions at home while working and networking with other successful professionals.”

In a survey by Regus, the five biggest distractions reported by Canadian business professional when working from home are:

  • Children and family wanting attention (60 percent)
  • Inability to access proper office equipment (28 percent)
  • The desire to complete household chores (26 percent)
  • The temptation to keep TV on as ‘company’ (24 percent)
  • Lack of proper work space (18 percent)

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