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Alix Michaels to Co-Host New FAB 94.3 Morning Show

August 12, 2014 9:09 AM | Entertainment

Alix Michaels

Alix Michaels (HANDOUT)

Alix Michaels is returning to the radio airwaves in Winnipeg this month after a temporary stint at 99.9 BOB FM.

Michaels had been vying for the permanent morning show co-host position alongside Beau Fritzsche, but ultimately didn’t get the gig.

Instead, Michaels will be getting up at the same early hour anyway to co-host the new morning show at FAB 94.3 with Kelly Parker.

FAB and BOB used to be sister stations under the Bell Media umbrella, until Jim Pattison Broadcast Group acquired FAB earlier this year.

Michaels has been around the radio dial in the city, having also held down gigs at 92 CITI FM, 102.3 Clear FM and NCI.

“I’ve never worked with Kelly before, but have shared the market with him for years. He and I are both excited to be working together and can’t wait to hit the airwaves,” Michaels said.

When not talking for a living on air, Michaels is voicing commercials and other audio elements as a voice-over artist for her company, SheVoice Productions.

The new FAB 94.3 morning show debuts Monday, August 25.


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