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Bowman Would Combat Homelessness in the City

August 15, 2014 2:15 PM | News

Brian Bowman


Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman took aim at homelessness Friday in making his latest policy announcement.

Bowman pledged a number of initiatives designed to support and protect those living on the streets if elected mayor.

“It’s time for city hall to provide greater leadership in the community-wide effort to reduce the number of Winnipeggers affected by homelessness,” Bowman said.

The privacy lawyer said he would add five new outreach workers to the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Community Homeless Assistance Team (CHAT), and explore tax increment financing to renovate and upgrade some of the core’s nearly 200 rooming houses.

He would also introduce a city council motion to officially endorse the United Way of Winnipeg’s “Plan to End Homelessness.”