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Brandon Airport Lands Major Redevelopment

August 19, 2014 2:16 PM | News

Brandon Municipal Airport

An artist’s rendering of the future expanding air terminal building at Brandon Municipal Airport. (CITY OF BRANDON)

Brandon’s Municipal Airport will be redeveloped to handle increased passenger traffic after WestJet launched its Encore service in the Wheat City last year.

All three levels of government will commit up to $2.9 million each to the project.

“Expansion of our municipal airport is truly the lynchpin in terms of creating a regional hub for passenger air travel in southwestern Manitoba,” said Brandon Mayor Shari Decter Hirst. “We are a growing, thriving, modern community and, soon, we will have an airport that reflects that and also positions us well for continued growth and prosperity.”

The existing terminal will be renovated and expanded to improve passenger flow for over 100 passengers, while also accommodating future growth needs. Enhancements to safety and security for passengers and employees will also be made, along with increasing traveller and baggage capacities in processing and secure areas.

Fibre broadband will also allow for fast and reliable broadband connectivity at the airport.