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Gord Steeves Pledges Photo Radar Changes

August 20, 2014 11:36 AM | News

WINNIPEG — Mayoral candidate Gord Steeves doesn’t oppose photo radar, but believes it should be carried out in a fair manner.

The former city councillor said Wednesday photo radar enforcement needs to be more about safety than it is a revenue-generating stream for the city.

Steeves would see a policy in place to erect signage to clearly show when photo radar is used in a construction zone. Signage would also indicate where the lowered speed limit for that zone ends.

“We don’t want anyone speeding through a construction zone,” Steeves said. “A completely successful implementation of this policy will result in zero photo radar tickets.”

Digital reader boards showing what your speed is and what the posted speed limit in the zone is would also be implemented and used 24/7.

Steeves said he would also work to bring in a two-tiered fine structure, lowering fines when workers aren’t present.

He would also adjust the length of yellow traffic signals at select intersections based on the speed limit of that road.

Todd Dube of Wise Up Winnipeg, an anti-photo radar group, attended Steeves’ announcement to lend his support.

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