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Havixbeck Would Create Meal-Share Program

August 21, 2014 4:00 PM | News

Paula Havixbeck

Paula Havixbeck

Mayoral candidate Paula Havixbeck promised on Thursday to create a meal-share program.

The city councillor said she supports efforts already underway to reduce poverty throughout the city. A meal-share program similar to those in place in Calgary and Vancouver would be a stepping stone to feeding those who go hungry.

“I have lived in Winnipeg my entire life and have never seen the poverty be as serious a problem as it is right now,” said Havixbeck. “Everyone needs to be engaged in trying to help others and the meal-share program is a great opportunity for more people to help fight poverty.”

Havixbeck made her announcement at Winnipeg Harvest — a local food bank that feeds more than 60,000 Manitobans each month, with nearly 45% of those being children.

The program would see enlisted restaurants dedicate a part of their menu, for when patrons order from it, the restauranteur donates the corresponding meal to an agency.