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Heavy Rains Hammer Winnipeg; Create Localized Flooding

August 21, 2014 9:31 PM | News

Winnipeg Flooding

Flooded streets in the Tuxedo area on Thursday evening. (MATT CUNDILL / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — Environment Canada was only predicting five to 10 mm of rain Thursday night, but Mother Nature packed that amount with one intense punch.

Heavy rain hammered the city, catching storm drains and many motorists off guard. Localized flooding halted traffic on several major routes, including at numerous underpasses where streets became instant lakes.

Photos shared on social media showed basements taking on water, including a wet floor at the Polo Park Shopping Centre.

Reports from Environment Canada showed parts of the city actually received closer to 25-50 mm of rain.

The Winnipeg Police Service tweeted, “Do not attempt to travel through flooded underpasses. Kayaking & Canoeing on your sidewalk w/an approved PFD would be appropriate.”

The Winnipeg Goldeyes postponed their game until tomorrow night, while the Red River Co-op Speedway cancelled races.

There’s a 60 percent chance of more showers on Friday and into the weekend.