Mayoral Candidate Gord Steeves Endorsed by Councillor Scott Fielding

Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)
Scott Fielding (WINNIPEG.CA)

One of Winnipeg’s mayoral candidates has received his first endorsement, and it comes from a former co-worker.

Councillor Scott Fielding officially endorsed Gord Steeves on Monday morning, citing infrastructure as his reasoning.

“There can be no debate Winnipeg’s infrastructure must to be repaired now,” Fielding said. “Of all the mayoral candidates, Gord has the best plan to address this critical need. His plan makes sense and will provide real solutions for all Winnipeggers. I am proud to offer him my full support in his campaign.”

Steeves thanked Fielding at a press conference Monday and said he welcomed his support.

Fielding is not seeking re-election in October for his council seat, and instead will be running for the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives next year.

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