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VIDEO: Paula Havixbeck Unveils Frozen Pipe Plan

August 27, 2014 1:02 PM | News

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Paula Havixbeck has proposed a plan to prevent frozen pipes in winters to come.

With 2,578 homes dealing frozen pipes this year, Havixbeck said she would immediately fix yards and properties with outstanding work after the frozen fiasco.

As a medium-term solution, the Charleswood — Tuxedo councillor would have the city acquire more pipe-thawing equipment.

In the long term, Havixbeck would work with the University of Manitoba and the Canadian manufacturers’ associations to move Winnipeg towards being, what she called, the “centre of excellence.”

“We shouldn’t being going to these small municipalities with our problems, they should be coming to us and we should be the experts. We should be able to tell our citizens their pipes will be thawed within a 24-hour period. Brandon can do it, so can we,” Havixbeck said.

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