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Unionized Workers Make More in Manitoba: CLC

August 27, 2014 10:29 AM | News

Canadian Labour CongressUnionized workers on the prairies are pulling in more than their non-union counterparts, according to research by the Canadian Labour Congress.

The CLC says on average, unionized workers in Winnipeg earn $6.33 an hour more than do non-union workers.

“The extra earnings by unionized employees translate into an added $30.8 million every week paid into the local community,” said CLC president Hassan Yussuff.

Researchers surveyed wages in 76 Canadian cities and other census areas, and discovered that in Manitoba, unionized workers earn an average of $6.12 an hour more, which puts an extra $183.41 million a week into the provincial economy.

“We are proud of the contributions our members have made to build a stronger middle class and a more secure economy for everyone who lives here,” Yussuff added.

In Manitoba, women who belong to a union earn an average of $7.85 an hour more than do women in non-unionized workplaces. Young workers in the province aged 15 to 29 earn an additional $3.61 an hour if they belong to a union.

— Staff