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Bowman Pledges to Complete City’s Six BRT Routes

September 2, 2014 12:20 PM | News

Brian Bowman


It’s an ambitious plan, but mayoral candidate Brian Bowman vowed Tuesday to complete all six of Winnipeg’s rapid transit routes if elected.

The privacy lawyer said if he’s the city next mayor, BRT would be completed by 2030.

“BRT has been debated at City Hall for decades, and the only thing the city can show for it is one corridor,” said Bowman. “It’s clear to me that City Hall has failed to provide Winnipeggers with access to modern transportation options and it’s time for real leadership on this project.”

Bowman also said changes would be made to Winnipeg Transit as a whole, including the addition of WiFi on buses, enhanced park and ride locations and transit hubs that would also include a variety of commercial and retail services.

Bowman said the city would also hold a design contest to find the 21st century bus shelter and increase their locations throughout Winnipeg.