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Indie Brandon Filmmakers to Debut ‘Patchworks 2’

September 2, 2014 11:00 AM | Entertainment

By Sarah Klein

Patchworks 2

An independent film spotlighting intriguing people from western Manitoba will premiere on the big screen of the Evans Theatre at Brandon University later this month.

Patchworks 2” is the second collection of documentary short films that will debut during Culture Days September 27-28.

Sixteen short films made locally by the members of the Brandon Industry Group, a collective of area creative workers, were produced for MTS TV’s “Stories From Home” and will light up the screen starting at 2 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

“What makes this project so interesting is the fact that there are 16 local filmmakers each making their own unique portrait documentary about someone from the Westman area. This ensures an eclectic mix of subjects, viewpoints and voices,” said Patchworks 2 executive producer Graham Street. “It’s great to see so much production of quality programming taking place right here in Brandon.

Local producers contributing to the group’s sophomore effort include: Graham Street, Danielle Adriaansen, Christopher Beyette, Nate Bower, Shaun Cameron, Craig Cesmystruk, Brooke Clayton, Allison Collins, Colin Corneau, Patrick McGriskin, Ken McKenzie-Cochrane, Diane Nelson, Chris Noto, John Scott, Greg Sherris, and Julie Watt.