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Safety the Key Message as Students Return to Class

September 3, 2014 10:28 AM | News

School Zone Speed Limits

Reduced speed limits in school zones went into effect on September 1. (WPS / HANDOUT)

With Manitoba kids returning to classes today, safety is being underlined as new speed limits take effect in school zones and safety patrols return to their beat.

Approximately 10,000 young patrollers help students in elementary and secondary school get to class safely throughout the province.

“The message is clear — slow down and pay attention, especially when driving in school zones,” said Mike Mager, president and CEO of CAA Manitoba. “Kids can be unpredictable pedestrians, so it’s up to motorists to be extra prudent to ensure their safety when traveling to and from school.”

Besides new school zone signs, motorists may also notice digital speed reader boards reminding them of their speed.

School or parent groups can borrow the equipment from Manitoba Public Insurance by calling (204) 985–8737 or 1–888–767–7640.

Back to school safety tips from MPI and CAA Manitoba:

  • Look well ahead to spot school buses and school zone signs; reduce speed in school zones, and wait for children to cross completely before proceeding.
  • Stop at least five metres behind a school bus when the upper red lights begin to flash, and do not proceed until the “stop sign” is closed and the red lights stop flashing. Motorists travelling in both directions must stop for the school bus, except if the road is divided by a median.
  • Scan under parked cars for the feet of children approaching traffic, and make lane changes early to allow room for children on bicycles, skateboards or roller blades.
  • If you are driving your children to school, drop them off in a safe area, away from traffic; use a designated drop-off zone if the school has one.
  • Cross only at intersections whenever possible, preferably at those controlled by signs or traffic control signs.
  • When crossing the street, regardless of the availability of signals, cross as quickly as possible. Minimize time in the roadway.

— Staff