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VIDEO: Bowman Would Look to New Tax Model to Fund Infrastructure

September 5, 2014 3:33 PM | News

Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman would limit any future property tax increases to the rate of inflation if elected.

Speaking at the home of supporters on Clare Avenue on Friday, Bowman said the inflation rate on such increases would be held over the next four years.

“Fixing our infrastructure requires long-term, stable revenues,” said Bowman. “Our streets are in disrepair, traffic lights don’t work when it’s wet and water main breaks are all too common. This is my top priority which will require increased and focused spending in the years ahead.”

The privacy lawyer said citizens would be looking at annual property tax increase of approximately two percent or about $35 more a year for a home valued at $265,000 based on the average rate of inflation in Winnipeg over the last three years.

Bowman said the city needs to stop relying on raising property taxes as a way to fund additional projects when

“I understand Winnipeggers are feeling over-taxed and I believe the city has a duty to find savings, not just going back to cap in hand to the taxpayer.”

Bowman said his plan would be to initiate a discussion among other municipal leaders regarding the long-term future of funding for municipalities and the need to find alternative revenue source beyond property taxes.

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