Winnipeg’s Mayoral Candidates Hit the Road in Web Series

Stump speeches and podium fluff is one thing, but hearing Winnipeg’s mayoral candidates talk candidly like human beings is what will really resonate with voters.

Local radio host Ace Burpee has started a YouTube series called “Ace Burpee’s Candidates in Cars” — similar to that of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s popular web series.

Three of the 10 mayoral candidates have joined Burpee on a roughly 30-minute drive around Winnipeg to open up about everything from their most notable achievements in life, to favourite movies and karaoke song. Of course, there’s still some political talk in there as October 22 quickly approaches.

So far candidates Paula Havixbeck, Mike Vogiatzakis and David Sanders have sat down to take a spin. Watch the first few episodes below.


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