Reduced Speeds to Better Protect Roadside Workers

By David Klassen

Car - Tow Truck
(Tow truck image via Shutterstock)

New rules to better protect roadside workers in Manitoba are now in effect.

The province announced amendments to the Highway Traffic Act late Friday, making it safer for emergency responders and tow truck operators by expanding and clarifying the precautions motorists must take when passing emergency personnel.

Drivers on either side of an undivided highway who pass emergency vehicles that are stopped with their beacons flashing will be required to slow down to:

  • 40 km/hr on highways with posted maximum speed limits below 80 km/h
  • 60 km/hr on highways with posted maximum speed limits of 80 km/h or greater

“Emergency workers deserve safe room to do their work,” said CAA Manitoba president and CEO Mike Mager. “These amendments give our drivers peace of mind that their workspace is protected under this law.”

Drivers who don’t slow down may face a fine of $299.65.


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