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New Space to Connect Broadway Promenade to Esplanade Riel

September 15, 2014 3:56 PM | News

Alloway Arch

The future Alloway Arch and Widow’s Mite Fountain to be built at The Forks to connect Broadway to the Esplanade Riel Bridge. (THE WINNIPEG FOUNDATION / HANDOUT)

Alloway Arch

The future Alloway Arch site at The Forks. (THE WINNIPEG FOUNDATION)

The new space at The Forks will connect the Broadway promenade and the Esplanade Riel thanks to a donation by the Winnipeg Foundation.

Called the Alloway Arch, the space will include shards from the façade of the original Alloway and Champion bank once located at 362 Main Street, and a circular fountain with three jets, representing the Widow’s Mite contribution.

“This is a beautiful addition to The Forks, one that demonstrates the giving nature of our entire community,” said Paul Jordan, CEO of The Forks North Portage Partnership. “It’s so fitting to have it at The Forks where so many have come together, given of their time and talents and collaborated to create the city’s Meeting Place.”

Alloway Arch

Where the Alloway Arch and fountain will be located. (THE WINNIPEG FOUNDATION)

The project will also include a linear garden in the middle of the existing path. Planting will commence in spring 2015.

The Widow’s Mite Fountain will begin construction at the end of September and is expected to take six weeks to complete. The Arch will take between eight and 10 weeks.

The project was designed by Mike Scatliff from architecture firm Scatliff+Miller+Murray.

Alloway Arch

An artist’s rendering of the future Alloway Arch. (THE WINNIPEG FOUNDATION)