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Renowned Sculpture Going on Display at WAG

September 17, 2014 7:54 AM | Entertainment


‘Vienna’ by artist Brian Jungen will be displayed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. (WAG.CA)

A partnership with the National Gallery of Canada will have the Winnipeg Art Gallery showcasing artist Brian Jungen’s Vienna beginning October 4.

The impressive sculpture will be displayed in Eckhardt Hall from October 4 to January 4, 2015.

Vienna makes a statement about cultural hybridity and institutional displays of marine life in aquariums and natural history museums. As with the earlier Shapeshifter (2000) and Cetology (2002), Jungen transforms hundreds of common white plastic patio chair found in discount stores around the world into a majestic whale skeleton.

“By rendering this transmutation through his artistic process, Brian Jungen leads us to consider our own purchasing habits and the cycle of consumption we support when we purchase disposable commodities,” said Dr. Stephen Borys, WAG director and CEO. “His work will engage Winnipeggers in meaningful conversation. We are excited to feature this spectacular sculpture at the WAG.”