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Province to Improve Flood Protection for Lake Manitoba, Lake St. Martin

September 18, 2014 2:05 PM | News

Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel

Provincial crews open the Lake St. Martin emergency channel in July 2014. (GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA)

The Manitoba government is providing a major financial investment to better handle water flows along the lower Assiniboine River including Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin.

Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton said improved drainage capacity of both bodies of water will greatly improve flood protection in these areas.

An open house from 5-8 p.m. today in Ashern (Centennial Hall) will gather public opinion on the conceptual design options.

The government is also evaluating the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba watersheds to develop greater flood protection.

“The Red River Valley is protected by a combination of the floodway, the primary diking system, and community and individual ring dikes,” Ashton said. “We will enhance the flood protection in the Lake Manitoba and Assiniboine River watersheds also using carefully engineered flood management techniques.”

The Progressive Conservatives were quick to criticize the NDP for not fully opening the outlet.

“We are calling on the NDP to explain why it appears to be nowhere close to operating at full capacity,” said Conservation and Water Stewardship Critic Shannon Martin.