New Intersection at Kenaston and the Perimeter to Open

Kenaston - Waverley
A diagram showing traffic flow for the new Kenaston Boulevard and the Perimeter Highway intersection. (CITY OF WINNIPEG)

A new intersection at Kenaston Boulevard and the Perimeter Highway will open on Thursday, eliminating the use for motorists to use Waverley Street north of the Perimeter.

A route using new sections of Waverley and Kenaston will provide a temporary connection to the Perimeter until the Kenaston Boulevard extension project is fully open. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of October.

The intersection of Waverley and the Perimeter will permanently close on September 26.

Last week, the city opened the new overpass at Kenaston and Bishop Grandin Boulevard as part of the project.


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