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Top Union Officials Double-Dipping in Salary: Havixbeck

September 26, 2014 10:48 AM | News

Paula Havixbeck

Paula Havixbeck

Mayoral hopeful Paula Havixbeck is sounding the alarm on having top union officials on the city’s payroll.

The Charleswood — Tuxedo councillor says having representatives from unions paid by the city goes above and beyond salary they already collect from union dues.

“This is a real disgrace. Classically, unions pay their officials with money from union coffers, which are gathered through union dues,” Havixbeck said. “I would have never imagined our city was paying over a half a million dollars every year for city staff to essentially negotiate with the city. This arrangement does not pass the transparency test for the citizens of Winnipeg.”

City salaries paid out to union bosses:

Winnipeg Police Association president — $97,742.87
United Firefighters of Winnipeg president — $99,853.08
Winnipeg Association of Public Service Officers president — $132,125.18
CUPE president — $92,886.26

“These individuals’ roles as head of the unions are in an immediate conflict of interest with the city.”

UPDATE: The United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg says president Alex Forrest reimburses the city annually for a replacement firefighter when he is doing UFFW duties. Havixbeck asked for the union’s endorsement earlier on in the campaign, but they have since endorsed Judy Wasylycia-Leis.