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Havixbeck Would Turn Dilapidated Civic Centre Parkade into Housing

September 29, 2014 1:01 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Paula Havixbeck

Paula Havixbeck

Mayoral candidate Paula Havixbeck wants to see the former Civic Centre parkade turned into housing.

The downtown Winnipeg parking complex has been sitting vacant for two years after being deemed structurally unsound.

The Charleswood — Tuxedo city councillor said on Monday she would turn to the private sector to help redevelop the crumbling Public Safety Building next door. The Winnipeg Police Service will soon be moving to their new headquarters at 266 Graham Avenue, leaving the PSB vacant.

“Since the WPS now will have this level of safety in their new building on Graham, this building is no longer required to be safeguarded to this level. The cost without decanting the Winnipeg Police Service is much lower so let’s get this work done before the entire area looks like a ghost town,” Havixbeck said.

As part of the redevelopment, Havixbeck said parking would also be included, providing access for citizens to visit the nearby City Hall.

She added the last estimate for the PSB to have its exterior stone re-cladded was more than $30 million, but now that the WPS is moving out, the cost would be considerably less due to fewer safety concerns.