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Former MPI CEO Under Contract as ‘Insurance Policy’

October 1, 2014 2:10 PM | News

Marilyn McLaren

Former MPI CEO Marilyn McLaren (HANDOUT)

The former CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance remains on the company’s payroll as a consultant, but the new CEO of the Crown corporation says it’s under a ‘no-work’ contract.

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Party says former CEO Marilyn McLaren receives $50,000 annually to provide consulting services.

During a legislative committee meeting on Tuesday, new CEO Dan Guimond called the no-work contract an “insurance policy.” The Tories say when pressed on what work the annual salary was comprised of, Guimond said “none.”

“The minister publicly stated in reference to MPI’s rate hike application ‘that’s one of the main reasons that MPI believes that there is good value in having McLaren remain for the upcoming year’”, said MPI critic Kelvin Goertzen. “How can the NDP in any good conscience ask for a rate hike while at the same time claiming there is value in paying someone $50,000 for a no-work required contract according to MPI?”

Guimond was appointed the new president and CEO of MPI in February after McLaren retired from nine years in the top position and three decades with the company.

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