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Bowman Would Streamline How Community Centres Run

October 7, 2014 11:57 AM | News

Brian Bowman

Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman (ELISHA DACEY / METRO WINNIPEG FILE)

Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman wants to centralize how Winnipeg community centres operate and communicate with each other to greater benefit the people who run and use the facilities.

Bowman on Tuesday said he would introduce a web-based system to better communicate and coordinate how volunteers are scheduled. He would also roll out an incentive system to reward volunteers for their time in the form of credits that could be redeemed for admission to city attractions based on their level of volunteering.

“The volunteers who work tirelessly to keep community centres up and running need more help from the city,” Bowman said. “Community centres are essential to creating safer and stronger neighbourhoods and they play a central role in shaping our youth and bringing neighbours together.”

The privacy lawyer would also create a social network for community centres that would connect club presidents and fundraising coordinators to share their best practices.

He would also coordinate all purchasing of basic goods and services among the centres to increase purchasing power and reduce costs for some of the same items being bought by the 64 community centres city-wide.