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David Sanders Goes After the Youth Vote

October 8, 2014 3:30 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

David Sanders

Mayoral candidate David Sanders (HANDOUT)

Mayoral candidate David Sanders is targeting the youth vote, pledging a number of initiatives to attract a younger demographic.

“I may be older now, but I do remember what it is like to be young. And I do know that it is possible to participate fully in democratic decision-making in our society,” Sanders said.

Some of his ideas are to lower Winnipeg Transit fares, create better and safer active transportation networks, improve youth-friendly spaces, such as community centres, libraries, gyms and pools, parks, and casual meeting places with extended hours, and more affordable housing options.

Sanders targeted his plans to those aged 14 to 29, which he says make up about 148,000 of Winnipeg’s population.

He also encouraged the younger crowd to utilize their right to vote in the election on October 22.

Specific costs associated with Sanders’ plans weren’t divulged.

“Let’s overhaul city hall, and make Winnipeg safe, fair and fun for everyone, including our young people.”