Candidates Weigh in on Year-Round Winnipeg Cycling

Urban Cyclist Bike
(Urban biker image via Shutterstock)

Year-round cycling in Winnipeg is on the mind of many civic election candidates, according to a new survey from Bike Winnipeg.

The group distributed the survey to all candidates and over 1,000 cyclists last week to arrive at their findings.

The survey found three quarters of both cyclist and candidate respondents want infrastructure to encourage year-around cycling as an alternative to car travel. The majority of both cyclist and candidate respondents want busy cycle paths cleared of snow within two days.

“It is interesting how closely the views of these candidates reflected the views of cyclists on the development and maintenance of bike routes,” said Charles Feaver of Bike Winnipeg.

Bike Winnipeg says 46 percent of those surveyed would like to bicycle more often, but separated bike lanes were the most important improvements needed to make that possible.

The majority of respondents also felt the rate of investment in cycling infrastructure should be at least double the current amount (88 percent of cyclists and 63 percent of candidates).

Thirty-four of 66 candidates responded, as did more than 300 cyclists.

See the complete survey results below:


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