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Manitoba to Spend $1.14M on Rural Bridge Improvements

October 30, 2014 1:27 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Manitoba LogoThe Manitoba government is funding 13 infrastructure projects focusing on bridges across the province.

More than $1.14 million will be spent to replace or improve municipal bridges, the province said on Thursday, during an announcement in Swan River.

“Closing a bridge disrupts traffic flow particularly in rural areas where there are fewer alternate routes,” said Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers. “The effects of severe weather and recent floods have increased the wear and tear on bridges and culverts.”

Seven of the 13 new projects involve bridge construction or renewal and the remaining six will receive funding this year for the preliminary or detailed design work, depending on the stage of the project. Pre-engineering work is a pre-requisite for eligibility for funding for construction.

Struthers added this year’s projects include $175,000 of funding for the expansion and enhancement of the Burnside Bridge in the RM of Swan River.


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