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Manitoba Museum Awarded for Exemplary School Programs

November 6, 2014 10:48 AM | Entertainment

The Manitoba MuseumThe Manitoba Museum has won an Award of Excellence for its school programs at the Association of Manitoba Museum’s (AMM) annual conference in Dauphin.

The museum was recognized for the Explore Ancient Egypt exhibit for Grade 3 and Mummies, and Ancient Egypt for Grade 8

“It is very exciting to be recognized by our peers,” said Anya Moodie-Foster, the museum’s educator, who developed the programs.

“It’s not my award, it’s for the entire museum. We saw the potential for this topic because of the strong links to the MB School curriculum. We tried to do everything the right way, drawing from the talents of the staff and trying to make the programs as hands-on and interactive as possible.

One of the museum’s other exhibits, Wrapped: The Mummy of Pesed, was seen by more than 40,000 people and saw the best school attendance numbers ever, with 14,260 students attending.

— Staff