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Artist to Unveil Project Created from Recycled Bike Parts

November 6, 2014 7:04 AM | Entertainment

The Wrench


A bicycle-focused art project will debut to the public Friday at The Wrench.

Artist Dimitry Melman has been engaging with hundreds of participants on the project over the last year, creating art from recycled bicycle parts.

The unique art project was created through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Community WITH ART Program, where professional artists are matched with community groups to work on identity, issues, and shared goals through the development of an art project.

Melman also created a new sign and bike rack for The Wrench, from bike parts, mosaics and paint.

“A big part of The Wrench is recycling… we’d rather re-use everything we can, so WITH ART was not only exciting but it was a solution to one of our problems,” said executive director Patrick Krawec. “Let’s utilize as much as we can while helping people explore all kinds of ideas around bicycles and cycling and community with art. Who doesn’t love it?”

A celebration of the project will take place on Friday beginning at 7 p.m. at 1057 Logan Avenue, in the City of Winnipeg Animals Services Building.


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