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Make a Plan for Hassle-Free Holiday Shopping

November 7, 2014 8:40 AM | News


(NC) — This year, spend less time at the mall and take advantage of digital channels in the comfort of your own home.

According to the recent E-Commerce Channel Report from The NPD Group, 63 per cent of Canadians shopped online in the past six months to save money on fashion accessories, footwear and electronics. Why not do the same during the holidays and avoid the crowds?

“Online shopping has become the easiest way to beat procrastination,” says Jim Bena, vice-president of marketing at UPS Canada. “Not only does it allow you to purchase gifts from the comfort of home, but the time investment required for product research is much less than in-store shopping.”

If you find yourself procrastinating heading into the holidays, UPS recommends the following six tips to make this year hassle-free:

1. Plan ahead – Set dates aside for shopping and leave yourself enough time to wrap, package and ship to your loved ones.

2. Virtual shopping – Put your feet up and get started. It’s now possible to finish your shopping without setting foot in a mall. Remember to check product sizes before you purchase, as sizes may vary with each retailer. Rather go to the store to try it on? Save time and do your research first with virtual window shopping.

3. Check the return policy – Double-check that items can easily be returned or exchanged. For online returns, arrange for a pick-up to be sent back to the retailer.

4. Pack it right and pack it tight – Are you shipping packages across the world? No problem. Remember to use good sturdy boxes with styrofoam peanuts and bubble cushioning to protect fragile gifts.

5. Track your progress – Receive peace-of-mind by tracking gifts as they travel across the globe and arrive at your loved ones’ doorsteps.

6. Look for options that fit your schedule – If you aren’t going to be home to receive a package, sign up for a service called UPS My Choice. It lets you select a delivery option that is most convenient with your schedule.

You could always get your shopping done well ahead of time, but if you find yourself in a crunch, extra help is available at www.ups.com/new/ca, to get your packages on their way quickly.



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