10,000 Manitobans Take Advantage of Winter Tire Financing

Winter TiresThe province’s low-interest winter tire financing program has seen more 10,000 Manitoba motorists take advantage of it since launching in the fall.

The program is administered by Manitoba Public Insurance and provides loans of up to 48 months at prime plus two percent up to $2,000 per vehicle.

“Driving on ice and snow can be dangerous but proper winter tires can vastly increase control and safety,” said Justice Minister James Allum, minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance. “The low-interest winter tire financing program helps all Manitobans purchase snow tires and give their families added protection when on the roads.”

The benefits of winter tires are widely known, reducing braking stopping distances on all cold-weather road surfaces and improving traction on snow-covered or icy road surfaces at temperatures well below -30°C.

Motorists interested in the program can find details at MPI.mb.ca.


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