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Police Remind Vehicle Owners to Secure Belongings

November 25, 2014 11:46 AM | News

Vehicle Theft

(Vehicle break-in image via Shutterstock)

Winnipeg police are warning vehicle owners to secure their personal belongings after a rash of thefts from vehicles parked in driveways.

Police say the East District area has been targeted most recently, but thefts can occur in any part of the city.

One of the most common items stolen is the garage door remote, allowing thieves greater access to your home and additional personal belongings.

Some tips to consider in preventing a break-in include:

  1. Keep your car visible — Avoid having your vehicle concealed by larger vehicles, fences or foliage; thieves like to work in private.
  2. Don’t make it easy — Keep windows closed and doors locked. Many thefts from vehicles are as a result of unlocked vehicles.
  3. Vehicle alarm? — Don’t forget to activate it.
  4. Hide your valuables — Many smash-and-grab thieves act on impulse. So keep your stuff out of sight — either with you or in a locked trunk. Don’t count on the glove box — thieves know to look there, and they’re easy to break into.