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Winning Warming Hut Designs Unveiled at The Forks

November 26, 2014 11:45 AM | Entertainment

The Hole Idea

The Hole Idea by: Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited, from Toronto, Ontario. (WARMINGHUTS.COM)

The winning designs of warming huts to grace Winnipeg’s frozen river trail this winter have been unveiled.

Architects from around the world submitted their designs for the sixth annual competition at The Forks.

“We’ve always received great designs, but this year they really push the artistic envelope,” said Paul Jordan, CEO of The Forks Renewal Corporation. “The competition has always allowed architects and artists to design something unique, but with the addition of a new category we’ve seen even more creativity emerge.”

The two categories for 2015 are Shelter and Installation. The more than 100 submissions were reviewed by a blind jury, meaning they had no background information on who submitted the designs or where they are from.

The winners are Recycling Words, designed by KANVA Architecture from Montreal, Quebec, and The Hole Idea, designed by Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited from Toronto, Ontario and This Big, designed by Tina Soil & Luca Roncoroni from Droebak Akershus, Norway, who won in Warming Huts v.2013 for their entry, Wind Catcher.

To see the winning designs in the Warming Huts v.2015: An Art + Architecture Competition on Ice, visit WarmingHuts.com or view the photo gallery below.