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Winnipeg Wakes Up to Remorseless Wind Chill

November 26, 2014 9:08 AM | News

Winter Snow Mask

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Cat - Scarf

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Cold enough day for you, Manitoba?

What is technically still considered the “fall” season sure had a frigid winter-like chill on Wednesday morning.

Winnipeggers woke up to temperatures hovering around the -29°C mark at 7 a.m., but factor in the wind chill and you were facing an eyelash-freezing -40°C.

Despite Environment Canada data claiming the city shattered an old “coldest day” record for November 26, the 1996 temperature of -27.9°C was actually beat out by -32.2°C in 1887. But there’s little (warm) comfort in knowing that.

In fact, the only warm in our forecast seems to be on Thursday night when the temperature will rise to -13°C before the mercury increases a little more by the weekend to bring with it fresh snow on Friday and Saturday.

The city will reach a high today of -18°C, but will still feel -25°C. You did put on your long johns, right?