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More Winnipeg Residents Being Switched to Community Mailboxes

November 27, 2014 4:50 PM | News

Canada Post Community Mailbox


Two more Winnipeg neighbourhoods will see community mailboxes in their areas in the fall of 2015 as Canada Post continues with its plans to phase out door-to-door delivery service.

Approximately 14,489 home addresses in central and south St. Vital with postal codes starting with R2M and R2N will be converting to the new system.

The area covers homes between River Road and St. Anne’s Road north of Nova Vista Drive to Carriere Avenue, and homes south of Meadowood Drive in St. Vital south to beyond the Red River Floodway east of the river.

This builds on the conversion earlier this year to switch over areas in the R2P and R2V neighbourhoods, as well as R2R and R2X areas for the early part of 2015.

Each affected household will receive an information package with a mail-in survey in the next couple of days. The package will tell them how they can express their priorities and preferences about their new delivery method.

— Staff