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Half of Manitobans Not Prepared for a Roadside Emergency

December 2, 2014 10:08 AM | News

Stranded Driver

(Stranded motorist image via Shutterstock)

A new survey from CAA Manitoba says nearly half of motorists in the province aren’t prepared for a roadside winter emergency.

Having a stocked emergency kit in the event you find yourself stranded is one of the items CAA recommends all drivers have.

“If you’re driving in Manitoba in winter, an emergency kit is a must-have,” said Angèle Young, CAA Manitoba’s public and government affairs specialist. “No matter if your drive in the city or rural areas, every motorist should be prepared.”

Young says emergency kits should have three types of items:

  1. Survival, to keep you alive. Things like food, water, blankets and a basic first aid kit.
  2. Visibility, to help you be seen and found. Items such as flares, reflectors or banners.
  3. Tools, to fix it yourself. Materials like a screwdriver, tape, kitty litter or a shovel.

CAA also recommends having extra winter gear in your vehicle, such as mitts and a toque.

A coupon to purchase a pre-packaged emergency kit at any CAA Manitoba location is available until December 8.