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Manitoba to Establish Consumer-Protection Rules for Contractors

December 4, 2014 11:58 AM | News


(Contractor image via Shutterstock)

A new initiative by the Manitoba government will help improve consumer protection when it comes to dealing with contractors.

Earlier this year, the public provided feedback to the province through a round of consultations identifying issues about unclear communication with contractors, confusion over pricing and project delays.

“Whether it’s renovating a kitchen or bathroom, replacing a roof or building a garage, tens of thousands of Manitoba families plan major home renovation projects every year,” said Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux.

The proposed measures would:

  • Require written contracts for most home improvement projects
  • Ensure contracts lay out the project, the price, payment terms and timelines
  • See consumers receive a copy of the contract before any work can begin

The new rules also extend to contractors who sell home improvement services by direct sale, such as unsolicited offers in the mail or by going door-to-door under the Consumer Protection Act.