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PETA Plans Billboard Pitch Based on Corpse Kept in Hamilton Home for 6 Months

December 5, 2014 7:30 AM | The Canadian Press

By The Canadian Press

HAMILTON – An animal rights group known for some controversial ad campaigns is proposing a new billboard in Hamilton based on the case of a woman who kept her husband’s corpse in a bedroom for six months.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Thursday it was negotiating with Hamilton-area advertisers to try to place a billboard that proclaims, “Are There Corpses in Your Home? Time to Go Vegan.”

Earlier this week, a devoutly religious Hamilton woman pleaded guilty to failing to notify authorities that her husband had died from an illness he was not getting treatment for.

Kaling Wald, who said she and her family were praying daily for her husband’s resurrection, received a suspended sentence and 18 months probation with counselling.

“If you have chicken breasts, steaks, or bologna in your refrigerator, we have news for you: you’re sharing your home with corpses,” PETA’s president said in a release.

Ingrid Newkirk added that people who are horrified by that should “try going vegan.”

A spokesman for the city of Hamilton said there was nothing officials could do to prevent the ad from being put up.

“Our sign bylaw does regulate the size and location of billboards but not the content,” said Michael Kirkopoulos.

He added that the city would probably get involved if the contents fall under the harassment umbrella, racism or anything deemed to be inappropriate from a legal perspective.

“Based on what it looks like the message will be on these billboards, the city has no ability at this point in time to prohibit that type of billboard.”

Daniel Carron, an outreach co-ordinator for PETA based in Norfolk, Va., agreed the billboard was meant to shock.

“The billboard is thought-provoking and we hope it is going to encourage people who are shocked by this to think about whether or not they’re storing dead bodies in their own freezers and in their own homes.”

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