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Human Rights Adjudicator Grants Manitoba Woman $36K

December 5, 2014 12:53 PM | The Canadian Press

By The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba human rights adjudicator has found a woman was sexually harassed by the owner and operator of a UPS franchise where she worked.

Traci Emslie of Winkler has been awarded a total of $36,000 in compensation and lost wages.

Adjudicator Peter Sim says Emslie suffered more than just injured feelings.

He says Douglas Homick abused his position of power to — quote — “degrade and humiliate the complainant.”

Sim says the harassment led Emslie to experience anxiety, depression, flashbacks and panic attacks that continued for years.

Homick did not attend the hearing and chose not to participate in the adjudication process.

Emslie feared for her job and livelihood and was subjected to a constant stream of sexual innuendo as well as physical contact, Sim wrote in his decision released Friday.

She was granted $15,000 for injury to her dignity and self-respect and a further $5,000 because there was “ample evidence of malice and recklessness.”

She was also awarded $16,000 in lost wages because she was forced to leave the workplace due to the harassment.

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