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MPI Calling for Safe Holiday Season on the Roads

December 16, 2014 4:04 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

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A safe holiday season on the roads is something Manitoba Public Insurance wants to see.

Between distracted driving and impaired driving, there are many risks behind the wheel to motorists at this time of year.

“One fatality is too many and there are real people behind these numbers. Having a good plan this holiday before heading out is key to avoiding a tragedy,” said MaryAnn Kempe of MPI.

MPI says nearly 50 people are killed every year on Manitoba roadways due to the deadly combination of distracted driving and alcohol-related collisions.

“There is no excuse for drinking and driving. There are many options available for those who choose to consume alcohol — call Operation Red Nose, have a designated driver, hire a taxi, stay overnight, call a sober friend or family member to drive you home.”

In 2013, the province saw the fewest number of auto-collision fatalities (85) in the last 20 years. This year there have been 64 fatalities as of the end of November.