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ChrisD.ca Partners with The Memorial Post

January 6, 2015 9:00 AM | Site News

WINNIPEG — A new ad-free digital obituary service has launched in the Winnipeg market.

ChrisD.ca is proud to be the exclusive local partner of The Memorial Post — a better way for families to share the story of a loved one and celebrate their life.

“Both my parents passed away in the last 10 years — neither one made previous arrangements so I was left to take care of all the unfortunate details,” said Keith Stride, founder of the website. “One of which was the obituary. For starters, I found it to be incredibly expensive — but then I began learning more about how a newspaper handles the online version.”

Stride said the newspaper handed the obituary over to an Illinois company that hosts it and sells advertising beside it, presumably sharing some of that revenue with the newspaper. A printed obituary can typically cost a grieving family upwards of $500.

“We’re thrilled to be represented by ChrisD.ca in Winnipeg and think the community will be happy to have a new alternative when creating an online memorial for a loved one.”

The Vancouver-based company first launched in October and has plans to extend internationally after establishing a broad Canadian reach.

How does The Memorial Post work?

The Memorial Post is an advertising-free subscription-based service that puts families 100% in control of a loved one’s online memorial. By creating an account, users can choose from a variety of templates, colours, fonts and backgrounds to build a tasteful tribute that can be shared on any social platform. Users can also upload up to 30 pictures and videos, call out affiliations (religious and otherwise), activate a guest book (where all messages are screened by the subscriber before appearing) and post funeral details. They can also edit and add to the obituary at any time — so if Aunt Mary complains about her name not appearing in the obituary, it can be added before a family feud breaks out. Special dates and anniversaries can also be commemorated within the five-year term at no additional cost.

Readers can access the site from the navigation menu on any page on ChrisD.ca or by clicking the link below.

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