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‘Peggers Donate $20M to United Way’s Annual Campaign

January 16, 2015 10:49 AM | News

United WayGenerous Winnipeggers opened up their wallets to the tune of $20.4 million for the United Way’s 2014 fundraising campaign.

The record-breaking achievement was celebrated Thursday night at the Victoria Inn, with 2014 campaign chair Sandra Oakley revealing the impressive number.

“(The) achievement would not have been possible without the work of thousands of volunteers and the generosity of tens of thousands of Winnipeggers who said yes to their community,” Oakley said. “Every two minutes, someone in our community accesses a United Way-supported program or service, and every single donation, no matter the size, means lives changed for people and families right here in Winnipeg.”

Oakley said while there is definitely something to celebrate, the work continues and many campaigns are still running.

“We need to focus on that over the next few weeks to ensure everyone who needs support from a United Way program or service can get it.”

Funds raised through United Way of Winnipeg’s annual campaign supports an essential network of programs and services that hundreds of thousands of people rely on each year.