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Be Proud of Winnipeg’s Water Supply: CUPE

January 30, 2015 7:50 AM | News

Brian Bowman

Mayor Brian Bowman — while holding a glass or water — informs Winnipeggers in a YouTube video on Thursday that the boil-water advisory has been lifted. (YOUTUBE)

The vice-president of CUPE Local 500 says Winnipeggers should be proud of the city’s public water service.

Gord Delbridge says citizens should feel confident in the quality of the water after final testing proved the supply is clean and healthy to consume.

“It is one of the best systems in the country, and recent events prove how seriously the city takes the monitoring and testing of our municipal drinking water.”

The City of Winnipeg lifted its boil-water advisory on Thursday after nearly 48 hours after bacteria showed up in extremely low levels in six of 39 water samples taken during routine testing.

“We are thankful that these tests proved that our water is clean and healthy, but we are also not surprised,” Delbridge added. “We know how vigorously our water is tested, and we are confident in our ability to ensure that our water is clean, safe, and is an excellent service to Winnipeggers.”

CUPE Local 500 represents approximately 5,000 employees of the City of Winnipeg, including Water and Wastewater services.