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Red River Co-op Equity Cheques in the Mail

February 25, 2015 9:11 AM | News

Red River Co-op Cheques

Red River Co-op general manager Doug Wiebe holds up member equity cheques. (HANDOUT)

Cheques totalling $36 million are in the mail to Red River Co-op members.

The Winnipeg-based co-operative’s board of directors say annual sales topped $653 million last year with a net profit exceeding $44 million.

Red River Co-op is sending out 229,570 cheques to its members in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. The average cheque will be $159.78 and members can expect to receive them as early as today.

Members receive 6.65 percent in equity on fuel purchases (average of 8 cents per litre), five percent on pharmacy purchases, and one percent on food purchases.

“The combination of equity and cash back, and full customer service in all commodities and departments continues to contribute to our success as a Co-op and has assisted in adding value for our members,” said Gordon Machej, president of the board of directors for Red River Co-op.

The co-operative is expanding in the spring with the opening of a new gas bar, tunnel carwash and convenience store in the growing Bridgwater area in south Winnipeg.


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