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ComFree Real Estate Network Becomes a Broker

March 18, 2015 12:28 PM | News

WINNIPEG — House listings in Manitoba using a commission-free broker now have a wider range of exposure.

ComFree has converted to ComFree Commonsense Network — a new licensed real estate broker. The changes, approved by the Manitoba Securities Commission, give ComFree access to publish listings on the MLS system for added visibility.

“Manitoba is a smart, entrepreneurial province that’s perfect for this kind of model,” said Kim Ewchuk, licensed sales representative and general manager of Manitoba’s ComFree Commonsense Network.

Ewchuk says clients have long told them they loved the ComFree model, but wanted the option to have their home advertised on MLS.

With the additional services offered to clients, ComFree becomes the third province in Canada, after Alberta and Ontario, to be approved for a broken license.

“Moving to a broker is a natural evolution for us. We’ll now have the freedom to have candid discussions around pricing and advice, and our flat-fee packages will
still save our clients thousands in commissions,” Ewchuk added.

The savings for a homeowner using a commission-free broker over a traditional real estate agent can be substantial. A house selling for $276,000 can account for $14,490 in agent fees after taxes and a five percent commission, while a ComFree sale could cost the homeowner about $944 in fees.

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