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There’s a New Probiotic in Town

March 24, 2015 8:31 AM | News


(NC) — Are you ready to discover new flavours this spring? A tangy, drinkable yogurt called kefir contains nearly double the probiotic content of regular yogurt and has 12 different bacterial cultures. It’s also an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamins.

“Known for its health benefits, kefir is a great base for all kinds of recipes like dips and smoothies and is also delicious on its own,” says Samara Foisy, a registered dietitian at Loblaw Companies Limited. “Kefir is a growing trend, so don’t be surprised when you see it popping up more and more at your local grocery store.”

Here are some fresh facts to help you learn more about this superfood:

• The name kefir comes from the Turkish word “keif” – meaning “good feeling” – and speaks to the sense of well-being experienced after drinking it.

• Originating over 2,000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains where many people live well over 100 years, kefir has been associated with a long list of health benefits.

• Kefir is a great source of probiotics. Try, for example, the drinkable PC Kefir in mango coconut flavour. It’s made with 12 different bacterial cultures and two billion active probiotic cultures.

• Kefir is cultured for 12 hours, whereas most yogurts are cultured anywhere from two to eight hours. It’s that extra time that gives kefir its high probiotic activity count and delicious taste.



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