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WAG Showcasing Art ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’

April 3, 2015 7:06 AM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery

The work of young artists enrolled in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s studio programs is making up a new exhibit at the WAG.

Through the Eyes of a Child is currently on view until May 10, displaying art from children aged five to 17.

“It’s always fascinating to see just how unique the products of individual imaginations can be,” said Diane Lafournaise, head of WAG Studio. “Staff, instructors, members of the arts community, and, of course, proud parents are invariably delighted by the outpouring of energy, skill, and imagination in Through the Eyes of a Child.

Registration is now open for child and adult summer art classes and summer art camps for kids by visiting wag.ca or calling (204) 789-1766.

— Staff