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MTS Rolls Out New ‘MyPlan’ Builder for Customers

April 10, 2015 8:06 AM | Columns

MTS MyPlan

WINNIPEG — MTS has introduced a new à la carte option for building your cell phone plan, ensuring customers aren’t paying for features they’ll never use.

Called MTS MyPlan, customers can choose the amount of minutes and data they need, without feeling boxed in by plans that are either too big or too small.

Every MyPlan starts with the MTS Starter plan at mts.ca/buildmyplan, which includes all of the important features, such as call display and voicemail. Then using the MyPlan builder, customers can pick the amount of minutes they need, add a data plan and then choose all the other features they want.

With the MTS MyPlan builder, you can create plans that include things like unlimited local calling and flat rate Canada-wide data. You can also choose a combination that would ensure you’re never charged extra for talk time, or for data use.

Based on the price of your plan, you’ll get a discount on a smartphone. A plan worth $70 per month allows you to get an iPhone 5C for free, for example.

After you’ve built your plan you can email it to yourself or print the details. Then take it to an MTS store and they’ll get you set up with your new MyPlan, built by you.

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