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Manitoba Museum Wins Two Awards at National Conference

April 17, 2015 10:58 AM | Entertainment

By Tyler Sutherland

The Manitoba MuseumWINNIPEG — The Manitoba Museum has won two awards at the 2015 Canadian Museums Association (CMA) National Conference.

The museum took home the Award of Outstanding Achievement in Exhibitions for their Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions exhibit, as well as museum CEO Claudette Leclerc being chosen by other museum leaders as a Fellow.

“It’s so important for museums to tackle complicated environmental issues, and to do it based on science, without any spin or hidden agendas,” said Scott Young, the curator of the exhibit and manager of science communications and visitor services.

“The museum worked very hard to make sure that everything in the exhibit is science-based and we worked with the community to bring all sides of the issue into the exhibit.”

Leclerc was appointed as CMA Fellow, the highest form of recognition bestowed by the CMA. She was nominated by other museum leaders and there can be no more than 50 Fellows at any time.

The awards were presented Wednesday night in Banff, Alberta.