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Tories Pitch Two-Year Moratorium on Cottage Fee Hikes

April 21, 2015 11:57 AM | News

Brian Pallister

PC Leader Brian Pallister (FILE)

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are proposing a two-year moratorium on cottage fee hikes.

PC leader Brian Pallister says the moratorium would make the provincial government more transparent in the true costs of services to cottage lots.

“Under the law the NDP has an obligation to be transparent and provide exactly what fees are required to service cottage lots and show how that money was spent,” Pallister said.

“This hasn’t been done for the majority of the NDP’s rule and cottage owners deserve a clear accounting of what they should be paying and what has been done.”

Pallister says the government has been breaking the law by not disclosing estimates and actual expenditures for all park districts under the Provincial Parks Act, section 18(3) and 20.

— Staff